What are the Rules of Chatubesocial?

While using Chatubesocial.com you must abide by the rules and guidelines of the website
Chatubesocial has a strict policy against placing copyrighted e-books, full-length films or caberet and other things, copyrighted pornography etc. Members are also advised not to post clandestine shot material.
Do not post / request fakes of personal images from real life. This is strictly prohibited in Chatubesocial
Child pornography and other explicitly illegal material is not only rejected, but loathed on Chatubesocial.com. Any member who finds a posting that links to, or actively discusses, child pornography is banned without warning. This includes sexual / non-sexual acts with minors
Bestiality is also not allowed. You will be banned immediately.
Do not upload or place links to files that violate the law in any way.
Do not share images via rar / zip or similar files or torrents or trojan. Images can only be posted as inline, thumbnails or as links. All other forms are not permitted.
Do not misuse or abuse the board by posting hate messages. Do not directly or indirectly misuse / threaten / intimidate a member or his family
Do not post messages that may cause any form of religious, political or communal controversy. Such messages are strictly prohibited.
Do not post illegal material on the notice board that contains material related to hacking, stolen passwords and other material that is considered illegal.
Requests for passwords and invitations from other sites are not encouraged here. Please refrain from discussions about other sites / forums.
Chatubesocial strictly prohibits trolling. Any post that is inflammatory, strange in nature and has the primary intention of challenging other users in any way is considered to be trolling.
Do not place or share personal information such as email ID, telephone number etc. in Chatubesocial in any way
Do not start threads to request personal invitations to chat, friendship, etc.
Do not post and request shareware / keygens / cracks or hacked warez on Desibees. You can only place freeware.
Do not advertise for commercial products, websites or services in Chatubesocial. If you want to advertise for commercial products or services, contact the administrators
Never forget to read and follow each section of forum rules that will not result in Ban